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Differential Pressure Transmitter

SmartMeasurement’s ALDP-3051 is an intelligent differential pressure transmitter which makes use of advanced microprocessor technology with digital communications. The ALPD-3051 smart pressure transmitter is capable of differential, gage, or absolute pressure measurement. It uses advanced capacitive sensor technology (piezoresistive sensors for absolute pressure models), and features self-diagnostics, field parameter adjustment, auto-zeroing and a variety of popularly used communication protocols at industry leading prices. The ALDP-3051 smart pressure transmitter can utilize either traditional flanges or any other industry standard process connection for pressure, flow and level applications. Available outputs include 1-5VDC or 4-20mA with HART protocol, Profibus, or FOUNDATION fieldbus. The ALPD-3051 smart pressure transmitter is available in a wide variety of configurations to make it suitable for almost any application.

Differential Pressure Measuring Range 0~0.16 kPa to 0~10 Mpa
Absolute Pressure Measuring Range max. 0~25 MPa , min. 0~20 Kpa
Relative Pressure Measuring Range max 0~40 MPa min 0~0.16 Kpa
Fluids liquid, gas and steam
Operating Temperature –40 °C ~100 °C
Accuracy Grades 0.075, 0.2, 0.5 of reading
Turn-down 100:1
Temperature Drift (zero) 0.5%FS / 50 °C
Temperature Drift (span) 0.7%FS/50 °C
Drift (Micro) 0.02%FS/year
Drift (Standard) 0.025%FS/year
Weight 3.5 kg (not including options or hardware)
Relative humidity 0~100% RH
O-ring material Fluorine rubber, nitrile rubber (standard)
Start time 2 seconds after power up
Fill Fluid Silicone oil or inert oil
Damping time 2s
Body & Bolt Material stainless steel
Elecrical Enclosure Material Low Copper Alumimium Alloy
Storage Temperature -40 ~ 100 °C
Output Signal 4~20 mADC, two wire
Supply Voltage 16.4-45 VDC (standard), 16.4-30 VDC (intrinsically safe type)
Approvals ExdIIBT5 or ExdIICT6
Communications distance 2 km when using CEV cable
Protection IP 67
Resolution 0.05% of range
Effect of supply voltage variation 0.005% FS/V
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  • High accuracy, minimal temperature drift
  • 100:1 Turn-down
  • Advanced diagnostics capabilities
  • Large measuring range
  • Software compensation
  • Available in 316SS, Tantalum and other exotic materials
  • Available in either Intrinsically Safe ExibIICT6 or Explosion Proof ExdIICT6
  • Auto-zero adjustment
  • Analog 4~20 mA DC two wire linear output
  • HART protocol, Profibus, or FOUNDATION fieldbus available

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