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Ultrasonic Meter with BTU Measurement

SmartMeasurement's ALSONIC-EG energy meters employ the proven transit-time ultrasonic flow measurement technique combined with two PT 100 temperature sensors (or customer-supplied RTD sensors) for calculating total and instantanious energy consumption. Flow measurement may be achieved via clamp-on, spool piece, or insertion-type sensors. Our microprocessor based, user friendly field programmable flow measurement technique creates no interruption of the process flow and allows for easy installation. The ALSONIC-EG is available with a variety of features that make it adaptable to many different applications. Available transucer types include clamp-on, in-line, and insertion. Wall-mount, panel-mount , pipe-mounted and compact din-rail mounted display types are also offered. Additional available features include pulse, 0-20 mA & 4-20 mA outputs, RS-232 communication, user-selectable engineerig units, and a data logger funtion. This variety of features, combined with its low cost, make the ALSONIC-EG an ideal choice for economical BTU monitoring in many applications involving chillers, radiators, and heat exchangers.

Measuring Principle Transit time differential
Pipe Size ½"-240" (25-6000mm)
Pipe Material Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron, Copper, PVC, Aluminum, Asbestos Fiberglass, ect.
Liner Material Tar Epoxy, Rubber, Mortar, Polypropylene, Polystrayl, Polystyrene, Polyester, Ebonite, Polyethylene, Teflon, ect.
Transducer Type Clamp-on, spool piece, or insertion
Display LCD with backlight, 2 x 20 characters 1-line, non-backlit 7 digit LCD (ILD version) Displays energy rate, total consumption, temperature, instantaneous flow rate, accumulated flow rate, velocity, time
Accuracy ± 1% ~ ± 2% of reading (1.5 ~ 100 feet/sec.)± 0.5% of reading (online calibration)
Repeatability ± 0.5% of reading
Keypad 4 x 4 tactile-feedback membrane keypad
Engineering Units Metric or English (US)
Response Time < 1 second
Temperature measurement PT 100 RTDs
Fluid Velocity 0.03 ~ ± 105 feet/sec.
Mounting wall mounting, panel, local
Resolution 0.003 feet/second (0.0001 m/s)
Liquid Temperature -40 ~ 312°F (-40 ~ 155°C)
Ambient temperature -5 ~ 122°F (-20~50°C)
Data logger 64 data points including flowrate, totalizer, time, & date
Suspended Solids <2%; particle size smaller than 75µm
Digital Communication Isolated RS 485, MODBUS, GPRS/GSM
Enclosure NEMA 4X
Power Consumption Less than 2W
Measurement Period 0 to 99 s
Data storage Up to 64 days std, 36 mos. w/ ILD version, Time and corresponding flow rates of the last 64 times power on/off events
Max. Cable Length 500' (150m)
Output Signals 4-20 mA, Impedance 0-1kΩ, pulse, relays, Isolated OCT for alarms (on/off with buzzer)
Inputs Two RTD channels, and additonal inputs
Power Supply 90 ~ 260VAC 50/60 Hz
Sensor IP68 - submersible
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  • Measures energy consumption rate and total
  • Compact or wall mount version
  • Proven ultrasonic technology for flow measurement and reliable PT 100 RTDs for temperature measurement
  • Clamp-on, spool piece or insertion mounting for flow measurement
  • Wide range of fluid velocities - 0.03 ~ ± 105 feet/sec.
  • Transducers for pipe sizes ranging from ½" to 240" (13 to 6000 mm)
  • High accuracy - ±0.5% of reading
  • RS485 and Modbus communication protocols available
  • 4-20 mA and pulse outputs with available relays and alarms
  • Data logger function - includes time & date, totalizer, diagnostics
  • Fast response time - less than 1 second
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate

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