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Battery Powered Magnetic Flowmeter


SmartMeasurement’s ALMAGBAT is a battery powered electromagnetic flow meter mainly used in water applications. The ALMAGBAT’s display/converter module is equipped with a replaceable lithium battery that can be used for up to three years of continuous operation. The operation period can be extended by using a high-capacity battery instead of our standard lithium battery.
Remote communication with this battery powered mag meter can be achieved via a base-station-type radio communication network system. With a centrally located base station, the coverage radius can be up to 1000 meters. Base stations within a close proximity (SRD mode), may operate on 928 MHz frequency. For greater distances, GPRS or CDMA mobile network communications can be used to transmit data to any central office.
The ALMAGBAT comes standard with a rugged IP68 die-cast aluminum enclosure, which allows the device to be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.

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