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Multi-Variable Differential Pressure Transmitter


The ALDPT-MV measures three separate process variables simultaneously and provides dynamic calculation of fully compensated mass flow rate for steam and liquids as well as standard volume flow for gases. It measures differential pressure and absolute pressure from a single sensor and process temperature from a standard PT 100 Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD). Flow calculation includes compensation of pressure and/or temperature as well as more complex variables such as discharge coefficient, thermal expansion, Reynolds number and compressibility factor. The ALDPT-MV includes flow equations for steam, gases and liquids so that one model is all you need in your system. It can also measure static pressure with either integral or remote electronics and has an optional HART output. Many plants calculate mass flow in a host computer using a simplified mass flow equation. The ALDPT-MV provides full compensation of over 25 different parameters to achieve a 5X improvement in flow performance compared to uncompensated DP flow. The ALDPT-MV is ideally suited to work with SMC’s ACONE primary flow elements.

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  • Multi-parameter capablity in a single transmitter – up to three measured values
  • May be used for level and flow measurement of gas, liquid and steam
  • Modular: interchangeable electronics with self-reconfiguration
  • Advanced diagnostics capabilities
  • Dynamic flow correction with continuous calculation of Reynolds’s number and flow
  • Displays process value(s) and alarm status
  • Mass and standard volume flow in accordance with AGA 3 or DIN EN ISO 5167
  • Convenient; configurable via local operating keypad
  • Linearization of the primary elements
  • Analog 4~20 mA DC two wire linear output
  • HART protocol
Differential Pressure Measuring Range:0~200Pa to 0~2000 kPa
Absolute Pressure Measuring Range:up to 40 MPa
Temperature:–50 ~ 650 °C
Fluid Media:liquid, gas and steam
Accuracy Grades:0.075, 0.2, 0.5 of reading
Process Connection:Flange with ⁷⁄₁₆ -20 UNF mounting threads and ¼-18 NPT female ports on both sides
Drift (Micro):0.1%FS/3 years
Relative humidity:0 ~ 100% RH
Sensor damping:0.1~1.6 sec
Protection:IP 67
Response Time:0.1 sec
Amplifier damping:0 to 60 seconds adjustable
Storage Temperature:-20 ~ 85 °C
Weight:3.5 kg
Sensor Body and Flange Materials :SS #316L
Diaphragm Materials:316L stainless steel / Hastelloy C / Gold plated on 316L / EFP plated on 316L / Tantalum
Nuts & Bolts Materials:SS# 304
Power Supply:24 VDC supply, R≤(Vs-12V)/Imax kΩ, Imax=23 mA / Max. Voltage to 42VDC, Min. to 12VDC; 15VDC(with display) / 230Ω to 600Ω for digital communication
Approvals:Isolated explosion ExdIIBT5 or ExdIICT6
Process Connection Materials:SS #316
Fill Fluid:Silicone oil/Fluorinated oil
O-ring:Perbunan(NBR) / Viton (FKM) / Teflon(PTFE)
Electrical Enclosure Materials:Aluminum with epoxy resin coat; gasket: Perbunan (NBR)
Output Signals:4~20 mADC , MODBUS, HART
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