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Our goal is to provide a variety of choices for any flow measurement application at industry leading prices.

Ultrasonic Meter with BTU Measurement


  • Clamp-on Ultrasonic Thermal Energy (BTU) Flowmeter -Wall Mount
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SmartMeasurement’s ALSONIC-EG energy meters employ the proven transit-time ultrasonic flow measurement technique combined with two PT 100 temperature sensors (or customer-supplied RTD sensors) for calculating total and instantanious energy consumption. Flow measurement may be achieved via clamp-on, spool piece, or insertion-type sensors. Our microprocessor based, user friendly field programmable flow measurement technique creates no interruption of the process flow and allows for easy installation. The ALSONIC-EG is available with a variety of features that make it adaptable to many different applications. Available transucer types include clamp-on, in-line, and insertion. Wall-mount, panel-mount , pipe-mounted and compact din-rail mounted display types are also offered. Additional available features include pulse, 0-20 mA & 4-20 mA outputs, RS-232 communication, user-selectable engineerig units, and a data logger funtion. This variety of features, combined with its low cost, make the ALSONIC-EG an ideal choice for economical BTU monitoring in many applications involving chillers, radiators, and heat exchangers.

  • Measures energy consumption rate and total
  • Compact or wall mount version
  • Proven ultrasonic technology for flow measurement and reliable PT 100 RTDs for temperature measurement
  • Clamp-on, spool piece or insertion mounting for flow measurement
  • Wide range of fluid velocities – 0.03 ~ ± 105 feet/sec.
  • Transducers for pipe sizes ranging from ½” to 240″ (13 to 6000 mm)
  • High accuracy – ±0.5% of reading
  • RS485 and Modbus communication protocols available
  • 4-20 mA and pulse outputs with available relays and alarms
  • Data logger function – includes time & date, totalizer, diagnostics
  • Fast response time – less than 1 second
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate
Measuring Principle:Transit time differential
Transducer Type:Clamp-on, spool piece, or insertion
Pipe Size:½”-240″ (25-6000mm)
Pipe Material:Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron, Copper, PVC, Aluminum, Asbestos Fiberglass, ect.
Temperature measurement:PT 100 RTDs
Liner Material:Tar Epoxy, Rubber, Mortar, Polypropylene, Polystrayl, Polystyrene, Polyester, Ebonite, Polyethylene, Teflon, ect.
Accuracy:± 1% ~ ± 2% of reading (1.5 ~ 100 feet/sec.)± 0.5% of reading (online calibration)
Repeatability:± 0.5% of reading
Engineering Units:Metric or English (US)
Liquid Temperature:-40 ~ 312°F (-40 ~ 155°C)
Display:LCD with backlight, 2 x 20 characters 1-line, non-backlit 7 digit LCD (ILD version) Displays energy rate, total consumption, temperature, instantaneous flow rate, accumulated flow rate, velocity, time
Suspended Solids:<2%; particle size smaller than 75µm
Response Time:< 1 second
Keypad:4 x 4 tactile-feedback membrane keypad
Ambient temperature:-5 ~ 122°F (-20~50°C)
Fluid Velocity:0.03 ~ ± 105 feet/sec.
Resolution:0.003 feet/second (0.0001 m/s)
Data logger:64 data points including flowrate, totalizer, time, & date
Digital Communication:Isolated RS 485, MODBUS, GPRS/GSM
Measurement Period:0 to 99 s
Mounting:wall mounting, panel, local
Max. Cable Length:500′ (150m)
Power Supply:90 ~ 260VAC 50/60 Hz
Data storage:Up to 64 days std, 36 mos. w/ ILD version, Time and corresponding flow rates of the last 64 times power on/off events
Power Consumption:Less than 2W
Enclosure:NEMA 4X
Output Signals:4-20 mA, Impedance 0-1kΩ, pulse, relays, Isolated OCT for alarms (on/off with buzzer)
Inputs:Two RTD channels, and additonal inputs
Sensor:IP68 – submersible

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