SmartMeasurement Industrial Flow Meters

The process of procuring and using industrial flow meters is a highly technical endeavor which requires engineering knowledge of the various flow measurement technologies, commercial experience in providing the most economical choice for a given application, and local personnel to navigate through this chaotic market. Whether your application is for a gas flow meter, where a thermal flow meter, vortex flow meter, or differential pressure flow meter technology may be suitable, or a liquid flow meter where choices would include ultrasonic flow meters, magnetic flow meters, variable area flow meters, positive displacement flow meters or turbine flow meters, the SmartMeasurementTM team can help you navigate to an optimum solution for your specific application.

SmartMeasurement is a leading manufacturer of flow meters, with over 25 years’ experience in design and application of various flow technologies. Unlike most manufacturers, who specialize in only one or two flow measurement technologies, SmartMeasurement  provides an unbiased user-friendly procuring mechanism for you to analyze, select, and match the “best-fit” flow meter from our multiple array of flow technologies in order to meet your specific application requirements. SmartMeasurement’s customers have access to 24/7 assistance from one of our global regional offices or one of our 100’s of authorized agents located world-wide.

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SmartmeasurementTM’s ALMAGWP SmartmeasurementTM’s ALMAGWP is a newly designed, versatile inline-type electromagnetic flowmeter available for nominal pipe sizes ranging from ½” (10mm) through 118″ (3000mm) with the capability to detect fluid velocities ranging from less than 0.2 mps to 12 mps. The ALMAGWP comes with an easy to read OLED display and is available with a wide variety of options including an all ceramic liner/electrode (ALMAGWP), AC or DC power, local or remote display, RS485, HART, and Profibus communications. Relay outputs are also available. This broad array of options makes the ALMGWP an excellent choice for measuring conductive fluid flow rates in many applications and industries including water-wastewater, food & beverage, pulp & paper, corrosive fluids and a variety other industrial measurement applications.